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so who are we really?

Instant Replay - in a nutshell:

Instant Replay was founded in 2019, and since then the band has grown from the original band of seven to a family of 12 musicians. Unfortunately you will not see this many of us on stage at once, so here are our band options:

Acoustic bands

Duo (2 ppl)

Trio (3 ppl)

Quartet (4 ppl)

Party bands

Quartet (4 ppl + sound engineer)

Quintet (5 ppl + sound engineer)

Full 6 person band (+ sound engineer); our most popular option

Full band + horns (6 ppl + 1-3 horns + sound engineer)

+ also percussions are an option.

We will be happy to tell you more about these by email.


Even though we are all professional musicians, we are also good friends outside of the gigs and this is seen and felt on stage as genuine presence and enjoyment. We take our work seriously, but always sprinkled with a lot of fun.

And since you - the customers - are THE most important part of our gigs, we want to introduce ourselves to you properly

So we are:

NOTE! Profile pages are being updated. :)

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